All applications must be submitted promptly and remind your children to listen to the school announcements for future and further information on these clubs. For any further questions, please contact the Club Leader by clicking the link.

Art Club (1st-4th Grade)

Begins in October and meets every once  a month on Thursdays. Members are picked by lottery. Open to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders only. 1st Thursday - 1st Grade; 2nd Thursday - 2nd Grade; 3rd Thursday - 3rd Grade; 4th Thursday - 4th Grade. Club leader is Mrs. Thompson, Art Teacher.

Battle of the Books (3rd & 4th Grade)

Anyone can join Battle of the Books book club. Club meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:30-8:00 am in the mornings before school. Costs include t-shirt and books. Competition is held in December to pick team to complete in March on behalf of ILA@ESE.  3rd and 4th graders only. Club leader are Mrs. Austin, Counselor and Ms. Buske-Ferman, Librarian.

Caldecott Club (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)

Caldecott Club is open to Kinder and 1st graders during their normal library time. Members must complete and turn in 5 book reports and must have a signed permission slip. Membership entitles participants to check out 1 additional book per check out period and member will be eligible to attend a special celebration in the spring semester. Club usually starts in spring. No cost. Club leaders are Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Garcia and Librarian Ms. Buske-Ferman.

Crazy 8's (1st-4th Grade)

Math club that begins in mid-September and meets once per week after school. Club membership is open to 1st through 4th graders divided into two classes (1st/2nd & 3rd/4th). Club leader is Mrs. Roebuck and Ms. Buffington.

Chess Club

Chess Club meets Fridays after school. 

Drill Team (2nd-4th Grade)

This is a new club. Membership is open to 2nd through 4th graders and subject to auditions/tryouts. Club will meet after school starting in September. Club leader is Coach Berry.

Flag Crew (3rd & 4th Grade)

Club membership is done by application process which will be available in the next couple of weeks and must be picked up from Club Leader. Club is open to 3rd and 4th graders only for service for one or both semesters. Club leader is Coach Cain.

Literary Lunch Bunch (4th Grade)

Literary Lunch Bunch (LLB) is done by sign up during school. 4th grade students who want to participate come to the library for lunch to eat and read a book. If more than 36 sign up, the group will be split into 2 or more sections. LLB meets daily during lunch until the book is finished. Daily attendance is expected. Parents are welcome to join. Club leaders is Librarian Ms. Buske-Ferman.

Maker Mornings (4th Grade)

Maker Mornings meet Monday mornings from 7:35-8:00 am. Participation is first come-first serve and based on teacher permission. Students receive passes from homeroom teacher. Limited to 30 each week. Craft and maker projects vary each week. Club leader is Librarian Ms. Buske-Ferman.

News Crew (4th Grade)

Club membership is done through application process for 3rd graders at the end of the year to then serve during their 4th grade year once a day in the morning (7:30-8:00a.m.) to record their newscast. Club leader is Coach Cain.

Pep Squad (4th Grade)

Club membership is open to 4th Grade Students. Auditions will be held in the Fall and practices will be held on Tuesdays after school. Club leaders are 4th grade teachers Mrs. Hirtzel and Mrs. Rutherford.

Robotics (3rd & 4th Grade)

Club is open to 3rd and 4th graders only and may meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays or just Thursdays. Students will submit a questionnaire on why they want to be in Robotics. All submitted questionnaires will be rated and then picked lottery style for spots ranging from 12-20 kids. Club leader is Technology Teacher Mrs. Gonzalez. 

Stallion Singers (3rd & 4th Grade)

Club is open to 3rd and 4th graders only and meets once a week from 3:45 to 4:30. Those students seeking membership must submit paper permission slips and applications that will go home after Christmas break, and then the students who return their permission slips before the deadline are allowed to audition. Students are chosen based on musical ability, classroom behavior, and reliability. Stallion Singers will be limited to a maximum of approximately 40 students. The club will have a few performances before the end of the school year and some performances at campus events. Club leader is Music Teacher Mrs. Macdonald.

UIL (2nd-4th Grade)

Club membership is for Students in grades 2nd-4th participating in activities, such as math, science, speaking and chess, that provide them with the opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of specific skills and motivates them to acquire higher levels of knowledge. Campus participants compete in individual events to earn points. Those points are then added up to determine which team has the highest total score. In the elementary school category, Elizabeth Smith Elementary School took home the first-place trophy for the third year in a row. Participating students are chosen by either tryout or by individual faculty selection beginning in November. Club leaders include Mrs. Thompson, Ms. Reirdon and Mrs. Smith.

Watt Watchers (3rd Grade)

Club membership for this year is for 3rd graders only and will require application to be submitted and chosen based upon character, responsibility and reliability as well as faculty recommendation. Students must also be wiling to commit to membership in the club continuing through their 4th grade year. Club leader is Mrs. Stevens.