Class & Golden Palette Art Award Winners for the week of 4/5/2021
Golden Palette Art Award

For the week of 4/5/2021 --

For the first time ever, the same classes that won the Golden Palette Art Award are also the Class Winners for the week!
Kinder: GARCIA
1st: CLARK
4th: JAGER

The Golden Palette Art Award is a grade level trophy for Art. During Art, students earn points for following class rules, working hard on their Art, etc. The class in each grade level that receives the most points is announced as the winner each Friday morning. Those classes get to display their Golden Palette for the week and they also receive 500 bonus points to go towards the overall points for Enrichment. They also will get a "Desk Pet!"

Class Winners are the classes who have earned the most Enrichment points for the week. Prizes are determined by the classroom teachers.