Pick-up and Drop-off Information

iDismiss numbers will be handed out on Meet the Teacher night. Please pick up your cards from your student's homeroom teacher.

In order for dismissal to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible with our iDismiss system, we ask all parents/families to:

  1. Please write all siblings names on the car tag in LARGE, BOLD print in the name blank prior to the 1st day of school.
  2. Hang car tag on rear view mirror so the number is clearly displayed and can be read quickly and easily– please do NOT lay on dash.
  3. Pick up your YOUNGEST child 1st. (Refer to the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Map for locations.)
  4. Only remove the car tag once ALL children have been picked up.
  5. Parents who are walking up to pick up their child must also show their car tag to the teacher on duty.
  6. For the safety of all of our students, any parent/guardian who does not have their car tag with them, will be directed to the front office to check out their student using their driver’s license.


Map of student drop off and pick up.