Lea Boiles Named Principal for Alma Martinez Intermediate School

December 16, 2020

Dear Stallion Families,

For eleven years, I have had the privilege and honor of serving as the principal at Smith Elementary. In
that time, I have come to know and love our little section of the MISD community, and I am consistently
blown away by the support and dedication you, our families, provide to our school.

Because of your support and trust, we have been able to do some amazing things. We have grown so
much instructionally and now have systems and practices in place that help our students reach higher
goals than we even knew existed a decade ago. We have learned how to challenge the norm in
education and implement ideas, like Innovation Week, to bring exciting learning and community service
opportunities to our students. In addition, we have continued to promote whole-child learning, which
includes so much more than academics alone. I am thankful for the partnership we have cultivated as
we’ve worked together for these successes.

In this same spirit of creating opportunities for student success, I am excited to announce that I have
been named the principal for Alma Martinez Intermediate School, which will open in August of 2021.
Not only am I happy to have this unique opportunity to open Martinez, I am also thrilled to be able to
continue working with the Smith community in the years to come. My transition from Smith Stallion to
Martinez Navigator will not interrupt my work at Smith for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.
We still have a lot of learning to accomplish, and there is still much fun to be had! I am looking forward
to an amazing spring semester and to watch our little Stallions grow into fifth- and sixth-grade
Navigators in the years to come.

Lea Boiles
Principal, Innovative Learning Academy
701 S. Holland Rd.
Mansfield, TX 76063