Ana Mandujano Named ESE Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Mandujano dressed up as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie for Book Character Day

Congratulations to 4th grade teacher Ana MandujanoTeacher of the Year for Innovative Learning Academy!

Mrs. Mandujano currently teaches fourth grade at Innovative Learning Academy @Elizabeth Smith Elementary in Mansfield, Texas. She is a first-generation college graduate and earned her Bachelors Degree of Applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Texas. She says, "My love for learning motivated me to seek my alternate certification in Education." As a thirteen-year educator, Mrs. Mandujano has previously taught 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades and was a Reading Interventionist at Irving ISD for seven years. She has taught fourth grade at Elizabeth Smith for six years. 

Mrs. Mandujano on the 1st day of school

At a young age, Mrs. Mandujano had an amazing teacher who helped her realize the importance of education. "She gave me the trust and courage to help me see a future despite my surroundings," Mrs. Mandujano says. She strives to give her students that same type of motivation.  

"My primary responsibility is to create lifelong learners who use lessons and skills learned to foster a positive change in their future. A way I ensure that education transcends in my classroom is by showing my students how education can affect the rest of their lives. I love to build a community that promotes self-growth, appreciation for learning and essentially to want to continue learning. I constantly focus on areas of improvement as a class and ensure that we continue practicing our areas of weakness. I teach students the importance of always striving for more no matter their backgrounds or circumstances."

As she continues her journey in education, we know that the importance of education will be instilled in her students' lives and they will also see it as an opportunity to improve their lives.  

ILA@ESE is very proud to have Mrs. Mandujano in our Stallion Family!

Mrs. Mandujano with her team for Book Character Day