Read-a-Thon 2021 Results

The PTA's Read-a-Thon was a huge success. The PTA raised $12880.80! Thank you for everyone who participated and donated. 


Top Earners in the School -- 

Kendal Ballard/ Clark
Aidrian Seminario/ Lara

Top Readers by Grade -- 

PRE-K: Brett Kennedy/ Butler
KINDERGARTEN: Cecily Ferman/ Hart
1ST GRADE: Aidrian Seminario/ Lara
2ND GRADE: Noah Mylett/ Lowry
3RD GRADE: Rosalind Ferman/ Bradshaw
4TH GRADE :Rose Hernandez/ Rutherford

Top Class Participation -- 

Keville  / 3rd Grade

Students who read 1000+ minutes and get to go to the Front of the Line to check out a STEAM Backpack --

Vincent Coughlin- Keville
Rosalind Ferman- Bradshaw
Sandra Azer- Jager
Rose Hernandez- Rutherford
Julian Moreno- Smith
Presley Davis- Keville
Silas Conners- Mandujano
Noah Mylett- Lowry
Brody Shaffer- Keville
Ahlena Williams- Mandujano
Emma Chappell- Murray
Noah Reyes- Rutherford
Krystal Johnson- Rutherford

Students who raised at least $250 and earned a $20 Gift Certificate for the Scholastic BOGO Book Fair April 25-May 7, 2021 -- 

1. Rosalind Ferman/ Bradshaw
2. Sofia De Manna/ Lowry
3. Rose Hernandez/ Rutherford
4. Rowan Williamson/ Menefee
5. Meredith Vo/ Miller
6. Michael Smith/ Rosson
7. Matthew Powell/ Hart
8. Avery Smith/ Sims
9. Leigha Kimble/ Jager
10. Silas Connors/ Mandujano
11. Jaxsyn Taylor/ Miller
12. Audrey Groom/ Clark
13. Nate Groom/ Dockan
14. Aidrian Seminario/ Lara
15. Zoey Burks-Thompson/ Peterson
16. Milan Wilbert/ Bradshaw
17. Owen Lavigne/ Lenz
18. Kendal Ballard/ Clark
19. Bella Perez/ Rutherford
20. Joselyn Betts/ Garcia
21. Mackenzie Gonzalez/ Mandujano
22. Gideon Parmer/ Garcia